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Dreaming on a Star’s New Webshop!

Hi everyone! Dreaming on a Star has a new webshop. It’s filled with all my work –¬†beautiful Personalised Pictures, whimsical¬†Art Prints, pretty¬†Notebooks,¬†cute¬†Pocket Mirrors, quirky Magnets, gorgeous Greeting Cards, Notecards¬†and fantastic Stationery Sets!

Dreaming on a Star's New Webshop!

Dreaming on a Star’s New Webshop!

There is FREE IRISH SHIPPING across the whole shop (& only a small flat rate for overseas orders, no matter what you buy!) Plus РNew Customers can get 10% OFF their first order РCLICK HERE.

Dreaming on a Star's Webshop

Dreaming on a Star’s Webshop

Getting the webshop looking the way I want has been a labour of love for me! I hope you like it!
I’ve filled it with so much joy and happiness and beautiful design!


Dreaming on a Star's niece Olive & her pocket mirror!

Dreaming on a Star’s niece Olive & her pocket mirror!

¬†My beautiful niece Olive has been helping me promote my products! Look at her with Dreaming on a Star’s Fairy pocket mirror! She loves it!


Personalised Picture Frames by Dreaming on a Star

Personalised Picture Frames by Dreaming on a Star

These are just some of the Personalised Picture Frames that you can buy in Dreaming on a Star’s webshop. New Baby, Christenings, Weddings, Engagements, Family Tree & other occasions. All prints are framed in a heavy white frame and shipped in a well-protected box. Perfect gifts & beautiful keepsakes to cherish forever!

So have a look and don’t forget to get your Discount¬†HERE!

May all your dreams come true…‚ô°

Happy World Stationery Day!

Hi everyone.¬†It’s World Stationery Day! As a child I loved notebooks, matching pencils, little cute erasers. In the 1980s I had adorable ‘Bobby & Kate’ stationery from Tokyo, awesome rainbow & unicorn goodies too.

'Butterfly Lines' Stationery Set by Dreaming on a Star

‘Butterfly Lines’ Stationery Set by Dreaming on a Star

As an adult I visited Tokyo and it’s a magical, wonderland of cute & quirkiness & stationery heaven. Today I never thought I’d be designing my own stationery! It’s a dream come true! So little did I know back then that I was researching for my future job!

'Easter Bunnies' A5 Notebook by Dreaming on a Star

‘Easter Bunnies’ A5 Notebook by Dreaming on a Star

If you have been following my design career, you may recognise the above bunny print. I designed it a few years ago but I am very fond of it and turned it into a notebook.¬†It’s¬†professionally printed by a third-party printing company¬†and is printed on both sides in brilliant full colour with a smooth finish. I was so delighted to get these professionally printed and I¬†designed the little matching cards that can be used as bookmarks!

'Carousel Horses' A5 Notebook by Dreaming on a Star

‘Carousel Horses’ A5 Notebook by Dreaming on a Star

This pattern is also a few years old. I entered a design competition and came up with a Carousel Horse theme. Have a look here at how I came up with the idea. I made a repeating pattern of the design and¬†always liked the magical quality of it. People seem to like it too as it’s a best-seller for me.

If you would like to see more of Dreaming on a Star’s stationery Click Here. I hope you enjoy World Stationery Day and have lots of pretty things to write on!¬†‚ô°

NEW Dreaming on a Star Etsy Print Shop!

Hi everyone. Dreaming on a Star has a new Etsy Print Shop! I opened this shop last month and have been slowly adding items to it. I am delighted to say I have made 3 sales so far. This shop is a labour of love for me. I put my heart and soul into every piece I design for it.

Dreaming on a Star's Etsy Print Shop

Dreaming on a Star’s Etsy Print Shop

So far there are super cute magnets, pretty mirrors, quirky badges, inspirational wall art and lovely greeting cards. I plan on adding professionally printed notebooks soon.

Sea Fever - John Masefield - Art Print by Dreaming on a Star

Sea Fever – John Masefield – Art Print by Dreaming on a Star


Lovely Pocket Mirrors by Dreaming on a Star

Lovely Pocket Mirrors by Dreaming on a Star

I hope you like my Etsy Print Shop. Keep checking back as I will be adding lots of new items in the future!

EDIT РDreaming on a Star also has her own Online Shop РClick here ♡

Dreaming on a Star at the Markets!

Hi everyone. Dreaming on a Star has been at the markets!

So far I’ve done four¬†markets – three¬†at Strandhill People’s Market and one¬†at the Sligo Flea Market in the Model Art Gallery.

I love interacting with customers.¬†Hearing someone compliment your work or making someone smile is a special thing.¬†¬†I love making that¬†connection – it’s both a joy and a privilege.

Dreaming on a Star at Strandhill People's Market

Dreaming on a Star at Strandhill People’s Market

Read more…

Have Gratitude for your Life!

Hi everyone. I’ve been reading lots of inspirational books lately and one thing that keeps cropping up, is cultivating a sense of gratitude in your life. Do you have gratitude in your life?

Dreaming on a Star - Begin each day with a grateful heart - Journal Cards

Read more…

Printable Recipe Cards and Organisation!

Hi everyone. I’ve been organising my life recently! Maybe it’s the start of a New Year, but I want to streamline my life! I’ve been collecting recipes for years – torn out of magazines, scribbled down from TV programmes, tips and recipes from friends and lots of recipe books. The problem is they’re on scraps of paper, here and there.

I’m a fussy fusspot. I’ve been searching for the perfect book to house my recipes. I couldn’t find anything I liked, so I went for a plain hardback book from Paperchase – that way I could customize it with my own designs!

Recipe Book customised by Dreaming on a Star

Recipe Book

I haven’t finished designing the cover. I made a little typographic doodle and cut it out and stuck it on the cover. I will probably change it. My recipe book is a work in progress, because I am only storing recipes that have been tried out and I actually like. So it will be a while until the book is filled. Read more…

Dreaming on a Star’s Super Fun FREEBIE!

On 04, Oct 2013 | 2 Comments | In freebie, my work, stationery, thank you | By Tina

Hi everyone. Today I’d like to thank my followers with a FREEBIE¬†– as a thank you for reading my blog, buying my products, following my goings on and being a fan of Dreaming on a Star!

♡ ♡ FREEBIE ♡ ♡

Dreaming on a Star Book Labels

FREEBIE – Dreaming on a Star Book Labels

Brighten up your books and copies with these super fun book labels!

They are 6 labels that you can print out and stick to your school/college books or to your journal.

Just print onto¬†full page sticker paper, cut out and stick to your books. (You can also print on normal paper, cut out and glue to your books, if you don’t have sticker paper.)

 Click here to download the Freebie. ♡

New Dreaming on a Star Stationery!

On 01, Sep 2013 | No Comments | In crafts, etsy, my work, shop, stationery | By Tina

Hi everyone. As you may know, one of my dreams is to have my own stationery range. I have my own Printables shop on Etsy, where I sell some printable notelets (amongst other things).

However, last week I made little notelets boxes for these notelets, and it really started to feel like proper stationery!

Dreaming on a Star - Parasols & Kokeshi Dolls Notelets & Box

Dreaming on a Star – Parasols & Kokeshi Dolls Notelets & Box

I made two designs – Parasols & Kokeshi Dolls and Kawaii Cupcakes. I am hoping to add more to the range soon. Read more…

Lilla Rogers’ Global Talent Search and my Design Journey!

Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search

Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search

Hi everyone. I’ve entered the Lilla Rogers’ Global Talent Search. As you may now, Lilla is perhaps the most famous agent in the world. She represents some of the most well-known artists working today and I count several of her artists as my favourites.

Lilla launched a talent search in order to find her next artist. This and her Make Art that Sells course has attracted some of the most talented contemporary designers working today.

I entered because I am quite a fan of Lilla. I have her book I Just Like to Make Things. I am planning to do her course in October. I don’t think I will be her next big thing. I feel like I am still on a journey of discovery. But I know that by doing this brief, I will push myself and make a piece of art that I am proud of.

So the brief was a Journal Cover for Paperchase! I squealed with delight when I read this! Paperchase are my No. 1 Dream Client! ¬†(Have a peek at one of my Dream Designs for them.) Their stationery shop makes me want to do cartwheels in the aisles! It’s a¬†sm√∂rg√•sbord of delightful design! Read more…

Stationery Set Tutorial ‚Äď Part 5 ‚Äď Washi Tape Pegs

On 19, Jul 2013 | 2 Comments | In crafts, etsy, inspiration, my work, stationery | By Tina

Dreaming on a Star - Stationery Tutorial

Part 5 – Washi Tape Peg Tutorial

Hi everyone. Welcome to Part 5 of the 5-part Stationery Tutorial, where I use Dreaming on a Star’s Scrapbooking Papers to transform plain items into a pretty coordinated set. Read more…

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