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Stationery Set Tutorial – Part 3 – A6 Notebook

On 17, Jul 2013 | No Comments | In crafts, etsy, inspiration, my work, stationery | By Tina

Dreaming on a Star - Stationery Tutorial

Part 3 – A6 Notebook Tutorial

Hi everyone. Welcome to Part 3 of this Stationery Tutorial where I’ll be transforming plain stationery items into a lovely, coordinated set, using Dreaming on a Star’s Scrapbooking Papers.

Have you seen Part 1, where I transformed a folder, or Part 2 where I made an A5 notebook all cute?

Today I’ll be transforming an A6 notebook with some Washi Tape.

Dreaming on a Star - Stationery Tutorial

Plain A6 Notebook

Into this:

Dreaming on a Star - Stationery Tutorial

Notebook Makeover

I bought the notebook at the ’2 Euro’ shop (Poundland, Dollar Store, Dollar Tree, Dollarama, etc). It was a bit of a find – it’s similar to a moleskine, with a heavy cover and a little pocket at the back, but it was cheap.



This is what you’ll need to start the Tutorial. Please note that some items are optional.

Dreaming on a Star - Materials for Stationery Tutorial


I got the full page sticker paper in a local stationery shop (Easons). You can use the ruler/craft knife/cutting mat or a scissors to cut the paper.

NOTE: Cutting the sticker paper with the craft knife can be a little tricky. The stickiness can cause the paper to tear. Be careful when cutting and always use a fresh blade. You may prefer to use  a scissors instead.

For this tutorial I am using the FREE Washi Tape that comes with the Dreaming on a Star Parasols & Kokeshi Dolls Scrapbooking Papers available here. They can also be purchased separately here.

They washi tape is available as an instant download to your computer. You just need to print them out using your printer or you can bring the PDF file (saved on a USB stick) to a printers and they will print them for you. Don’t forget to bring the Sticker Paper with you, otherwise they will print them on regular paper.



Dreaming on a Star - Stationery Tutorial

Washi Tape

1. Print out the Parasols & Kokeshi Dolls Washi Tape onto the Full Page Sticker Paper.

Dreaming on a Star - Stationery Tutorial


2.  Normally the Washi Tape can be cut up and used individually but for this tutorial I am leaving it as one page.
Line up the paper on the notebook and mark with a pencil where it needs to be cut.

Dreaming on a Star - Stationery Tutorial

Use a craft knife or scissors

3. Line up the pencil marks and cut the paper using the craft knife and ruler. Ensure your blade is new. Make several firm strokes with the blade rather than one heavy stroke.
Be careful as the paper is sticky and may catch the blade, resulting in paper tear. You may choose to use the scissors instead.

Dreaming on a Star - Stationery Tutorial

Position Washi Tape

 4. Line up the Washi tape paper on the notebook.

Dreaming on a Star - Stationery Tutorial

Peel back

5. Peel off the sticker from the backing page, but don’t peel off completely.

Dreaming on a Star - Stationery Tutorial


6. When you are happy it’s nicely lined up, smooth it down and peel the rest of the backing off.

Dreaming on a Star - Stationery Tutorial


7. I use a clean tissue to smooth rather than my hand, so it remains nice and clean.

Dreaming on a Star - Stationery Tutorial

Clear contact paper

8. Optional – you can cover the notebook with clear contact paper to prolong the life of it.
Measure the contact paper to fit the notebook and allow a flap at the top, side and bottom. Cover the notebook and turn down the flaps. Use a tissue to smooth down and eliminate any air bubbles.

Dreaming on a Star - Stationery Tutorial

Notebook Makeover

9. You’re finished! You have a pretty Parasols & Kokeshi Dolls notebook, ready for your doodles and dreams!

♡ Come back tomorrow for Part 4 of the tutorial where I show you how to transform a plain pencil case. ♡


All Five Parts of this Stationery Tutorial. ♡

Part 1-Folder | Part 2-A5 Notebook | Part 3-A6 Notebook | Part 4-Pencil Case | Part 5-Washi Tape Peg


Dreaming on a Star’s Scrapbooking Papers used in this Tutorial.

Dreaming on a Star - Scrapbooking Papers

Scrapbooking Papers

Parasols & Kokeshi Dolls Scrapbooking Papers with FREE Washi Tape


Dreaming on a Star - Washi Tape

Washi Tape

Parasols & Kokeshi Dolls Washi Tape

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