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Printable Recipe Cards and Organisation!

Hi everyone. I’ve been organising my life recently! Maybe it’s the start of a New Year, but I want to streamline my life! I’ve been collecting recipes for years – torn out of magazines, scribbled down from TV programmes, tips and recipes from friends and lots of recipe books. The problem is they’re on scraps of paper, here and there.

I’m a fussy fusspot. I’ve been searching for the perfect book to house my recipes. I couldn’t find anything I liked, so I went for a plain hardback book from Paperchase – that way I could customize it with my own designs!

Recipe Book customised by Dreaming on a Star

Recipe Book

I haven’t finished designing the cover. I made a little typographic doodle and cut it out and stuck it on the cover. I will probably change it. My recipe book is a work in progress, because I am only storing recipes that have been tried out and I actually like. So it will be a while until the book is filled.

Recipe Book with Dreaming on a Star's Printable Recipe Cards

Recipes Galore!

Some of the recipes that have made it into my recipe book! I love peanut sauce and found a delicious recipe from Irish chef, Donal Skeehan. Being a vegetarian I sometimes take the veggie parts of a meat recipe, such as the sauce or side dish. You can find the Peanut Sauce recipe here.

Recipes & Doodles

Recipes & Doodles by Dreaming on a Star

The blank journal gave me space to add stickers and doodles and allowed me to add recipes I got from magazines.


Recipe Cards

Dreaming on a Star Printable Recipe Cards

I used Dreaming on a Star’s Printable Recipe Cards to add my recipes. They can be written on in pen or the file can be opened in a Photo editing programme and the recipes typed out.

Paperchase Journal - Dreaming on a Star

Pockets for Storage

This journal has some handy extras – storage pockets for adding untried recipes and plastic sleeves for adding whatever you like!

Plastic Sleeves - Dreaming on a Star

Plastic Sleeves

I’ve stored some cute postcards for the time being. I’m really looking forward to adding more recipes.
What about you? Have you any tried-and-tested recipes that you would like to share? Maybe I will try them out and add them to my Recipe Book!

If you like my recipe cards, they are available in my Etsy Shop. Click on the pictures below to go to the shop. 

Kawaii Cupcakes Digital Recipe Cards by Dreaming on a Star

Kawaii Cupcakes Digital Recipe Cards by Dreaming on a Star


Jingly Jangly Guitars Digital Recipe Cards by Dreaming on a Star

Jingly Jangly Guitars Digital Recipe Cards by Dreaming on a Star

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