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In inspiration
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By Tina

My new nephew Orson!

On 17, Jan 2013 | No Comments | In inspiration, my work | By Tina

Hi everyone. Last week I was in the UK where I became an Auntie for the third time!  Today, I would like to tell you about my new nephew Orson!

My gorgeous nephew Orson was born on 27th December so he’s only 3 weeks old. He loves to lie in your arms and peek all around him with his big, brown eyes. Orson means ‘Little Bear’ and when he cuddles you, he clings on like a little Koala bear!

Olive is Orson’s big sister. Her birthday is in April so she’s almost 2 years old. Olive has the cutest giggle and likes to copy her mummy, by looking after her dolly. She is full of kisses and cuddles.

Here is a little picture I made for the two of them 

Olive and Orson

Olive and Orson

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