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By Tina

Lovely Surprise in the Post

On 27, Nov 2012 | One Comment | In designer, thank you | By Tina

Hi everyone. Yesterday I was a very lucky girl and got a lovely surprise in the post. Nowadays with the slow death of letter-writing, it’s normal to only get bills and junk mail in the post. So as you can imagine my delight to get this lovely gift in the mail!

Lovely Gift from JLW Illustration

Lovely Gift from JLW Illustration

The sender was the lovely Jennie of JLW Illustration and she gave me a lovely keyring with her arrow design and a lovely notebook to fill with lots of new designs.

Thank you Jennie for this thoughtful gift. She gave me this as a thank you for helping her reach 500 followers on Twitter.

That’s how amazing it is to be part of a design community. Everyone helps each other out and supports each other. Sometimes we end up competing in the same competitions, but we still support each other and know there is enough work to go around for everyone. 

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  1. Happy to share the love.

    Jen x

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