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Lilla Rogers’ Global Talent Search and my Design Journey!

Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search

Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search

Hi everyone. I’ve entered the Lilla Rogers’ Global Talent Search. As you may now, Lilla is perhaps the most famous agent in the world. She represents some of the most well-known artists working today and I count several of her artists as my favourites.

Lilla launched a talent search in order to find her next artist. This and her Make Art that Sells course has attracted some of the most talented contemporary designers working today.

I entered because I am quite a fan of Lilla. I have her book I Just Like to Make Things. I am planning to do her course in October. I don’t think I will be her next big thing. I feel like I am still on a journey of discovery. But I know that by doing this brief, I will push myself and make a piece of art that I am proud of.

So the brief was a Journal Cover for Paperchase! I squealed with delight when I read this! Paperchase are my No. 1 Dream Client!  (Have a peek at one of my Dream Designs for them.) Their stationery shop makes me want to do cartwheels in the aisles! It’s a smörgåsbord of delightful design!

The theme was Vintage Children’s Playgrounds. (I think the brief was written for me, because I love children’s design too!)

I started brainstorming. I always do this to generate ideas. I love words and what they can lead to.

Brainstorming - Vintage Children's Playgrounds - Dreaming on a Star

Brainstorming – Vintage Children’s Playgrounds

A number of ideas sparked my curiosity, but it was a Carousel idea that got me most excited.

I immediately thought of the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical Carousel (because I was brought up on 1950s musicals ). The image of Gordon MacRae‘s character polishing stars in Heaven has always stayed with me. Such a beautiful and quirky scene.

Polishing Stars in Heaven (Carousel))

Polishing Stars in Heaven (Carousel)

So I went with the Carousel idea and I wanted to infuse some of Carousel’s magic into the design.

Carousel Horses - Dreaming on a Star

Carousel Horses – Dreaming on a Star

When I was brainstorming I asked my parents (as they’re from a ‘vintage’ time!!) what kind of things did they got up to as children. They didn’t have playgrounds as such, but they had lots of games, such as marbles, conkers (chestnuts), hopscotch, etc. Dad told me they used to rob orchards (!) and Mum made daisy chains. Daisies and apples are such sweet symbols of childhood and recognisable as simple icons, so I wanted these to be part of my design.

I had another read of Lilla’s book, I Just Like To Make Things. If you don’t own a copy, I urge you to get yours now! Lilla knows what she’s talking about. She offers some fabulous advice.

Lilla's Book

Lilla’s Book

I read it closely as I was working on my design. Lilla tells you what makes a great piece of art – great design, great drawing and great colour. She says that every part of the piece should be of the same high quality, and there should be enough going on in the piece to discover. 

I kept all of this in mind as I was designing. One of the most important pieces of advice I learned from Lilla, was this:


– ♡ – ♡ – ♡ – ♡ – ♡ – – ♡ – ♡ – ♡ – 


– ♡ – ♡ – ♡ – ♡ – ♡ – ♡ – ♡ – ♡ – ♡ –


I have to say that this brief was an absolute pleasure to work on. Maybe it was because the brief was right up my street (actually it was so far up my street, it had bought a house and moved in!).

I read over the brief, brainstormed and sketched out some ideas. I visited playgrounds and did some research on the internet. I took my time with it though, I didn’t try to get everything done in a day. I spent a bit of time mulling things over in my mind. I did a bit on the design one day and came back to it another day. It felt like a much more natural process than what I usually do. I definitely had fun with it.

One thing that I love about the design process is Serendipity (or Happy Accidents!). I was having an off day one day and created this little print. However I couldn’t get it to work – I tried different colour schemes but I wasn’t really feeling it.

Tangerines - Dreaming on a Star

Tangerines – Dreaming on a Star

As I was playing with my designs I added an orange background and this is what happened:

Serendipity!  Dreaming on a Star


It looked like stars with magic stardust! It was perfect for my Carousel piece!
So never throw out any of your non-working pieces. Keep everything!

So this is my finished piece and what I entered into the Global Talent Search.

Dreaming on a Star - Global Talent Search - Lilla Rogers

Carousel Stars


I am really happy with it. I pushed myself. I made it interesting. I enjoyed the process. I hope my joy shows in it!

Even if it gets nowhere, I’m happy I made a piece I am proud of and it’s something I would buy – another piece of Lilla advice! 

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  1. I love your design. It’s magical. Best of luck

    • Tina

      Thanks very much Laura. I’m delighted you think so x

  2. Wow it does relay a feeling of joy!

    • Tina

      Thank you Rita, that’s really sweet of you to say xx

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