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Happy Birthday Dreaming on a Star!

On 27, Feb 2013 | 4 Comments | In business, career, my work, typography | By Tina

Hi everyone. Today marks the 6 month birthday of Dreaming on a Star! I’d like to take this opportunity to see what I have achieved in those 6 months. I’d also like to reveal some news about Dreaming on a Star!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

 Dreaming on a Star founded on August 27th 2012 (Website, Facebook and Twitter set up).

♡ Designs professionally printed on homewares, kitchen-wares and greetings cards. 

♡ Interest from established giftware shop to stock Dreaming on a Star products. 

♡ Number of sales made of products.

 Website has had over 4600 visitors (over 3500 unique visitors) and almost 10,000 page views.

Visitors to Dreaming on a Star

Visitors to Dreaming on a Star’s website

 Facebook page has 282 likes and Twitter has 282 likes. SNAP!

Asked by Tigerprint to blog for their Youblog venture.

♡ NEWS: Asked by Decorque to guest blog for them. (Have a look here!)

♡ My work has been featured on several blogs and websites including Business Boom Collective, Card & Gift Blog and Artsy Fartsy Courier.

♡ NEWS: Dreaming on a Star was approached by a UK independent film to feature some of my products (apron, ovenglove, bags and Christmas cards) in their film (More news to follow).

♡ Finished Module 3 of the Art & Business of Surface Pattern Design.

♡ Part of an outstanding online group of Surface Pattern Designers.

Started a Start Your Own Business course and hope to grow Dreaming on a Star as a brand.


So this is what I’ve achieved in my first 6 months. I have lots of plans for the next 6 months, namely to print my designs on fabric and look into manufacturing home and kitchenwares myself. At the moment, I am working on small gift items  that I hope to stock in my shop soon. I also want to get my work featured on more blogs. And my main priority is to get representation, freelance work and to secure licensing deals.

So I have a lot to work on and I will be busy in the next 6 months! I hope you join me in 6 months time to see what I’ve achieved! 

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  1. Happy 6 months Tina, good luck with the next 6 months and all your plans!

  2. Wow! What a busy 6 months! I am so very impressed! Congrats on your success…here’s to 6 more great months!

  3. whew! you’ve done a lot in 6 months! can’t wait to see what the next 6 months hold!

  4. Thank you Anneline, Jolene and Tammie for your support and kind words, Tina x

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