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Family Tree for Father’s Day

Hi everyone! I made a Family Tree for my Dad for Father’s Day.

My Dad's Family Tree by Dreaming on a Star

My Dad’s Family Tree by Dreaming on a Star

Instead of including his children & grandchildren, I made it of his parents, his siblings and their children.
Dad is the youngest of 7 (a typical Irish Catholic family of the time!). He lost his Dad when he was 24. His sister died a few years ago and his other sister isn’t very well at the moment.
Unfortunately some of the cousins & in-laws are also no longer with us.
But this isn’t meant to be a sad post!

He was really happy with it. He spent hours looking at it!
I couldn’t believe it really!

I think as you get older, you comprehend what family actually means. The siblings that you climbed trees & shared rooms with are grown up and have families of their own.
You can see the endless cycle of life reaching back behind you and stretching out in front of you.
And you cherish the memories of those people that are no longer there but are all still a part of your family.
It was really lovely to give Dad a gift that meant so much to him. 

[If you would like to order your own Family Tree, Click here]

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