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In crafts

By Tina

Etsy – What exactly is it?

On 22, Jun 2013 | No Comments | In crafts, designer, etsy, shop | By Tina

Hi everyone. Today I’d like to talk about Etsy – It has recently come to my attention that not everyone is familiar with Etsy, so I would like to give a brief description of it.


What is Etsy?

Etsy is a marketplace like Amazon or Ebay. You can buy and sell things on there. Etsy is unique in that only arts supplies, handmade products, and vintage pieces can be sold there. It is like a giant Arts & Crafts Fair!

Etsy is a treasure trove of unique items for weddings, parties, gifts for loved ones or treats for yourself!

Each seller has their own unique shopfront.


Why is it called ‘Etsy’?

Robert Kalin, one of Etsy’s founders said he wanted “nonsense word because I wanted to build the brand from scratch. I was watching Fellini’s 8 ½ and writing down what I was hearing. In Italian, you say ‘etsi’ a lot. It means ‘oh, yes.’ And in Latin, it means ‘and if’.”


How do I buy on Etsy?

Buyers can search for different items using the search tool on the homepage, or look through the different categories.

In order to purchase items, buyers must have an account with Etsy. The account is free and can be integrated with Facebook to make the sign-in and registration process faster.


How do I sell on Etsy?

Etsy sellers range from hobbyists to professional artists who use the site to make a living.

You sign up to Etsy, create a Username and Shop name.

There are loads of helpful guides on Etsy telling you how to create a shop, how to take great product photos, how to market yourself, etc.

Etsy charges a small fee to use their service.


Anything else?

* Etsy acts as a social network, in that there are forums and groups to join.

* You can follow different shops and sellers – to keep an eye on new items for sale.

* You can favourite items – sometimes just for inspiration or to buy later.

* You can contact the seller (this is called a ‘convo’ – start a conversation).

* As a seller, you can view your statistics, called Shop Stats – they allow you to see where your views are coming from, how many views, the most-viewed items in your shop, and the keywords shoppers use to find your items in Etsy Search and other search engines. 

Some of Dreaming on a Star's items for sale in Etsy

Some of Dreaming on a Star’s items for sale in Etsy


What about you – are you on Etsy? Do you have a shop? I’d love to take a peek!

Please leave your link in the comments below.

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