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EFUTO Envelope Project

On 07, Dec 2012 | 4 Comments | In designer, inspiration, thank you | By Tina

Hi everyone. Yesterday I got a lovely surprise in the post, all the way from Singapore. I am involved in an online design group and one of the members, Gill Eggleston came up with an EFUTO envelope idea for us to connect with each other. EFUTO is a Japanese picture envelope (e = picture, futo = envelope) and I received mine from the lovely Sylvia Tay of Sylvia Tay Designs

EFUTO Sylvia Tay Designs

EFUTO Sylvia Tay Designs

Isn’t it gorgeous? I was so happy to receive it and it is lovely to connect with a fellow designer.

But that’s not all! Sylvia very kindly sent me a lovely gift inside.



How cute are these lovely Pochibukuro envelopes? They are just the cutest! The envelopes are used for money gifts to children on New Year’s Day and these ones are from Japan.

Thank you Sylvia for your wonderful envelope and gift. I will cherish it 

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  1. What a lovely geometric and happy garden you received, Tina.
    Sylvia’s work is awesome. COngrats, both ladies.

  2. Thanks Bethania for commenting. Yes I’m very happy with it, it’s brilliant.

  3. You are most welcome Tina, and thank you for the lovely post! =)

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