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Dreaming on a Star at the Markets!

Hi everyone. Dreaming on a Star has been at the markets!

So far I’ve done four¬†markets – three¬†at Strandhill People’s Market and one¬†at the Sligo Flea Market in the Model Art Gallery.

I love interacting with customers.¬†Hearing someone compliment your work or making someone smile is a special thing.¬†¬†I love making that¬†connection – it’s both a joy and a privilege.

Dreaming on a Star at Strandhill People's Market

Dreaming on a Star at Strandhill People’s Market

And of course, if someone buys something (that’s the idea of a market!), it’s the icing on the cake really! If my work makes people happy and they can take home a little joy with them, then I’m a happy camper!

Isn’t that one of life’s pleasures¬†– finding joy in simple things?

Cute Dreaming on a Star Stationery

Cute Dreaming on a Star Stationery

I’ve learned so much each time – both from my own observations and in interacting with customers and other stallholders.

One¬†thing I’ve learned is to spend as much time on display as on making the products – each week I’ve been coming up with new ideas on how to display my products. It’s all trial and error. My brother made some brilliant little wooden racks to hold my badges, mirrors and magnets.

Wooden racks holding Dreaming on a Star's merchandise

Wooden racks holding Dreaming on a Star’s merchandise

I’ve come across display ideas on Pinterest (the metal tins in the above picture is one idea I found on Pinterest).

For my first market I made a star garland to display behind my stall РI spent hours painting and paper maché-ing stars and threading them with flexible wire. Did I tell you my first market was outdoors, beside the sea and the weather was monsoon wet and windy? My tent barely stood its ground, let alone a flimsy star garland! The garland got a bit mangled and I had to abandon that idea!

The following week I made bunting using my patterns printed on photo paper. I was happy with the outcome and they looked cute against the white tablecloth.

Lots of Dreaming on a Star goodies!

Lots of Dreaming on a Star goodies!

I’ve had so much help and support from my friends and family and I can’t thank them enough really. Everyone has been so great. Even if people just show up to say hello on market day, it means a lot.

The other stallholders have been friendly and helpful too – markets are just a wonderful place really – full of good vibes, food and crafts made with love and care and people having a good time.

Superhero Sunday at Strandhill Market (Image copyright Didier Riva)

Superhero Sunday at Strandhill Market (Image copyright Didier Riva)

The photo above is of Superhero Sunday at Strandhill People’s Market where the stallholders dressed as superheroes! (I’m in the middle as Wonderwoman/Supergirl).

The locations of the markets have been amazing – Strandhill is a little surfing village beside the Atlantic coast and Sligo Flea is held in the beautiful Model Art Gallery.

I’m looking forward to attending¬†more markets, learning lots, meeting old and new faces and hopefully making people smile with my designs!¬†‚ô°


P.S.¬†Apologies for¬†not updating my blog in a long time. I’ve been so busy getting my stuff¬†ready for the markets – it literally has taken up most of my time.

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  1. Tina, So proud of how you have stuck to this and really gotten a lot of great ideas from it. It is nice to go out and talk tot he public, sometimes we forget how important that is.
    I admire what you are doing and wish you much success.

    • Tina

      Thank you MaryJane for your kind words and support. You’re a star x

  2. Lovely post Tina, and lovely products. You’re so right, meeting your customers is just an important and enjoyable part of what we do. First hand feedback and connection is priceless. Keep going, you’re doing great! xx

    • Tina

      Thanks so much Sonal. Definitely agree with you x

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