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Dreaming on a Star featured in Sligo Now Magazine

Hello everyone! Dreaming on a Star has been featured in the March issue of Sligo Now magazine. Would you like to have a look inside my home? You are welcome inside!

Dreaming on a Star in Sligo Now magazine

Dreaming on a Star in Sligo Now magazine

I had a lovely interview with Cliodhna McGowan where she asked me lots of questions about my design business and took photos of me in my home and studio.

If you want to find out more about the face behind Dreaming on a Star, have a look at the interview in the magazine (available in local newsagents).

Tina of Dreaming on a Star doodling in her living room

Tina of Dreaming on a Star doodling in her living room

I’ve included some photos of me at work (the one above wasn’t included in the magazine). This is a picture of me doodling with a nice cup of tea! Can you spot the Wonder Woman mug? That was a gift from my brother and sister-in-law. Some of the cushions on my couch are hand-made by me – they are very wonky, I hadn’t really got the hang of a sewing machine when I made them! The black-and-white picture on the wall (in white frame) is a really cool picture from Microcosm – it’s a sketch of different LP covers. I love collecting CDs, you can see some in the picture. I’ve been collecting since 1995 and really love album artwork. The other piece of artwork on the doors (top right of picture) is by my 5-year-old nephew. He’s so talented, I might hire him in future!  Oh yes I love twinkly lights – it’s like Christmas all year round!

Tina of Dreaming on a Star in her studio

Tina of Dreaming on a Star in her studio

This is a picture of my studio. I used to do all my work in a little corner of my living room but all my work started to spill over onto chairs and it became messy. So I moved everything up into a spare bedroom and I’m so glad I did. This room is south-facing and the light in here is so uplifting and conducive to work. I turned the bed on it’s side, covered it in wood and I have so much room now. I really love my black cat curtains from IKEA. I am very drawn to black cats for some reason. The little jukebox on the shelf is a printable from Claudine Hellmuth. I love her retro designs. Can you spot R2-D2 on the shelf too? I am a big mad Star Wars fan too. Oh look – more twinkly lights!

Dreaming on a Star's studio (all tidied up!)

Dreaming on a Star’s studio (all tidied up!)

This is my studio all lovely and tidy! (It looks a bit messier now! :p ) I love this room so much – it’s so light and airy. When I worked downstairs, it was very dark and cramped.
I have so much space now and I get to look out onto my back garden when I work. The spare bed is hidden away on the right. I actually started to doodle on the wood as there was too much white space. The light box was a gift from my sister-in-law. I have book shelves at the other end of this room, with all my design books.

I am in the middle of renovating my back yard and I also have plans for my bedroom. I might blog about them in the future.

I hope you liked having a small peek inside my home and finding out a little bit about me. Thank you for reading. 

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