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Christmas Gift – Family Tree Personalised Framed Prints

Hi everyone. It’s¬†Christmas gift time! Dreaming on a Star creates these beautiful Family Tree prints which are always top sellers at Christmas! (Click on the photos to order. Prices include FREE P&P in Ireland.)

Family Tree - Mum, Dad & Children by Dreaming on a Star

Family Tree – Mum, Dad & Children by Dreaming on a Star

This one is for the immediate family and is personalised to your unique family. You can include pets too!

Grandparent Family Tree by Dreaming on a Star - Grandparents, Parents & Children

Grandparent Family Tree by Dreaming on a Star – Grandparents, Parents & Children

The Grandparent Family Tree is¬†a thoughtful Christmas gift for grandparents. Their names appear in the container at the bottom, their children & partners are inside the tree and the grandchildren¬†are¬†the leaves of the tree. Grandparents¬†are touched to see their whole family spreading out around them. The leaves also contain their grandchildren’s¬†birthdates¬†so it’s a handy reminder for birthdays!

Grandchildren Tree by Dreaming on a Star - Grandchildrens' Names & Dates-of-Birth

Grandchildren Tree by Dreaming on a Star – Grandchildrens’ Names & Birthdates

The Grandchildren frame has a beautiful quote, ‘Grandchildren fill a place in your heart you didn’t know was empty’ and it is a thoughtful gift for grandparents to have all the grandchildren¬†in one place.

Real Wood Limed Frame with Mount & Glass Front

Real Wood Limed Frame with Mount & Glass Front


I have upgraded all frames to a Real Wood Limed White frame with mount & glass front. There are two hangers on the back and the medium size has a standback. The frames are larger than the older models but I am keeping the same brilliant price until Christmas 2017. (Prices are subject to change in 2018.)

Dreaming on a Star is working hard and still taking orders for Christmas, but get in touch soon, as last posting dates for Ireland is 20th December (and orders take a few days)! ♡

Happy Christmas from Dreaming on a Star!

Hello everyone! December was an exceptionally busy one for Dreaming on a Star with 11 Christmas Markets!

But I managed to find some time to create an Advent doodle a day and here is the result. I challenged myself by using a limited palette and my influences were modern Scandi. I hope you like it!

Advent Calendar by Dreaming on a Star - Christmas 2016

Advent Calendar by Dreaming on a Star – Christmas 2016

I would like to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas full of love and joy and the best of well wishes for a fantastic New Year!

Let’s bring more smiles and happiness into 2017. May all your dreams come true…‚ô°

Greetings Cards

Hi everyone, I have been busy designing new Greeting Cards for all occasions – Birthday, New Baby, Wedding, Love, Thank You & Christmas.

Greeting Cards by Dreaming on a Star 2015

Greeting Cards by Dreaming on a Star 2015

I really enjoyed making these. I love designing typography and drawing quirky doodles. Read more…

Happy Tuesday!

On 22, Apr 2014 | No Comments | In illustration, my work, seasonal | By Tina

Hi everyone! Today I would like to wish you all a Happy Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday from Dreaming on a Star

Happy Tuesday from Dreaming on a Star

Tuesday gets a bad wrap – or it actually gets no wrap at all! It’s lost in the twilight zone of early/mid-week, not quite either/or.

We all know that Monday is the start of the week and many people complain about it. Wednesday is mid week (in fact in German, it is Mittwoch, which literally translates as that). Thursday is usually late open for some shops and some lucky people get paid on a Thursday. Everyone loves Fridays. Saturday and Sundays are the weekend of course. So unfortunately Tuesday gets looked over.

So today I would like to praise Tuesday! Here is some cool facts about Tuesday!

  • The name¬†Tuesday¬†derives from the Old English “Tiwesd√¶g” and literally means “Tiw’s Day”. Tiw or¬†T√Ĺr¬†in Norse is a God of war and law.
  • In Latin, Tuesday is¬†dies Martis and means Day of Mars. In languages of Latin origin (French, Spanish, Italian, etc) it is also named after Mars, the God of War.
  • In Japanese and Korean, Tuesday translates as Fire Day (Mars, the planet is called Fire Star).
  • In the Indo-Aryan languages Pali and Sanskrit, as well as in Thailand, the name of the day is taken from Angaraka (‘one who is red in colour’) a style for Mangal, the god of war, and for Mars, the red planet.

So it looks like many cultures associated Tuesday with Mars, the planet and the ancient Roman God of War.
So Tuesday is a FIRE DAY! A day to get things done! If you have fire at the start of the week, it will give you the momentum to get through the week with gusto!

I hope you appreciate this forgotten day a bit more! Happy Tuesday РHappy Fire Day to you! ♡

20% Off Etsy Easter SALE at Dreaming on a Star!

Hi everyone. I am having a 20% Off Easter Sale in my Etsy Shop, running from Thursday 17th until Tuesday 22nd April.

Everything is 20% off, including Hallowe’en & Christmas items which are already discounted by 40%.

20% Off Easter Sale at Dreaming on a Star's Etsy Shop

20% Off Easter Sale at Dreaming on a Star’s Etsy Shop

So CLICK HERE to grab yourself an Easter bargain. Use Code EASTERSALE20 to get 20% Off (Minimum spend $3.00).

Get your craft on! ♡

40% Off Sale on Christmas & Hallowe’en Scrapbook

Hi everyone. I’m just letting you know that there is a 40% OFF SALE in my Etsy shop on all Christmas & Hallowe’en Scrapbook & Clip Art. Go grab yourself a Bargain!¬†‚ô°

(Click on picture to go to shop)

40% OFF SALE on Christmas & Hallowe'en Scrapbook & Clip Art by Dreaming on a Star

Hallowe’en Facebook Hop

Hi everyone. I’m involved in an online group called Digital Designers and they’ve organised a Facebook Hop for participants to gather lots of Hallowe’en Freebies.

Hallowe'en Clip Art & Scrapbooking Paper Freebie by Dreaming on a Star

Hallowe’en Clip Art & Scrapbooking Paper Freebie by Dreaming on a Star

Read more…




In christmas

By Tina

Christmas Trends in July!

On 28, Jul 2013 | 2 Comments | In christmas, seasonal, trends | By Tina

Hi everyone. It’s Christmas in July! Wow only 149 days until Christmas! Have you started any preparations yet? I’m a Christmas nut – I love it. I love thinking about it all year long! Would you like to see the Christmas¬†trends for 2013?

These images come from Christmas Trend Group.

Christmas Trend 2013 - Winterwalk


I love this Christmas trend – Winterwalk. I am a big snow fan and love the turquoise, silver and white colour scheme. It’s wonderful to bring the snowy landscape into your home. Read more…

Easter Patterns & Illustrations

On 01, Apr 2013 | One Comment | In designer, Easter, illustration, inspiration, seasonal | By Tina

Hi everyone. Happy Easter Monday! Some lovely Easter patterns on the blog today.

I came across some really gorgeous Easter Patterns and Illustrations from other designers.

I hope you like them. ♡

Copyright Amel24 at Spoonflower

Copyright Amy King

I love the colour scheme and the bunny rabbits are just so adorable. The designs on the Easter eggs are great and I love the ‘I scream for Jellybeans!’ quote. It’s such a sweet design from Amy King.

Copyright Genine Delahaye

Copyright Genine Delahaye

Another cute design from Genine Delahaye. I’m a big fan of hearts and love seeing them. The bunny is very sweet with her¬†rosy¬†cheeks!

Copyright Marks & Spencers

Copyright Marks & Spencers

Fresh colour scheme. I love the background Easter pattern. It really makes the design. ♡

Happiest of Easters!

On 31, Mar 2013 | No Comments | In animals, Easter, greetings, inspiration, seasonal | By Tina

Hi everyone. I would like to wish you all a very Happy Easter! I hope you got lots of chocolately goodness!

Look at the cute Easter bunnies I got and in their own mug!

Milka chocolate bunny mug

Milka chocolate bunny mug

This is from Milka chocolate and hands down it’s my favourite chocolate.

Bunny Mother and Baby Bunny!

Bunny Mother and Baby Bunny!

Look at the cute baby bunny! Yummy! Enjoy Easter Sunday! ♡

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