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Family Tree for Father’s Day

Hi everyone! I made a Family Tree for my Dad for Father’s Day.

My Dad's Family Tree by Dreaming on a Star

My Dad’s Family Tree by Dreaming on a Star

Instead of including his children & grandchildren, I made it of his parents, his siblings and their children.
Dad is the youngest of 7 (a typical Irish Catholic family of the time!). He lost his Dad when he was 24. His sister died a few years ago and his other sister isn’t very well at the moment.
Unfortunately some of the cousins & in-laws are also no longer with us.
But this isn’t meant to be a sad post!

He was really happy with it. He spent hours looking at it!
I couldn’t believe it really!

I think as you get older, you comprehend what family actually means. The siblings that you climbed trees & shared rooms with are grown up and have families of their own.
You can see the endless cycle of life reaching back behind you and stretching out in front of you.
And you cherish the memories of those people that are no longer there but are all still a part of your family.
It was really lovely to give Dad a gift that meant so much to him. 

[If you would like to order your own Family Tree, Click here]

Dreaming on a Star’s New Baby Announcements!

Hi everyone. Sorry I haven’t posted in a long time. I’ve been busy at the markets. I’ve also been busy making Personalised Baby Announcements.

Baby Announcement for a Girl by Dreaming on a Star

Baby Announcement for a Girl by Dreaming on a Star

It’s so wonderful to celebrate the arrival of a beautiful baby with a gift that can last forever. These Baby Announcements are popular with new parents, grandparents and as gifts for New Babies and Christenings.

Small Baby Announcements by Dreaming on a Star

Small Baby Announcements by Dreaming on a Star

The Baby Announcement prints come in two sizes – 8.5 x 10.5 inch and 5 x 7 inch and come framed in a beautiful, heavy, white frame.


Baby Announcement for a Boy by Dreaming on a Star

Baby Announcement for a Boy by Dreaming on a Star

I plan on adding new designs and also more personalised prints for Weddings and other Occasions. Watch this space!

If you would like to order a Personalised Baby Announcement, Click here to go to Dreaming on a Star’s Online Shop ♡

FREEBIE – Gratitude Journal Cards

Hi everyone. Today is FREEBIE day! You may recall me talking about Gratitude before and how important it is to have it in our lives – this post might refresh your memories!
Well today as gratitude to you lovely people, I have four FREE Journal Cards for you to download!

FREEBIE - Gratitude Journal Cards by Dreaming on a Star

FREEBIE – Gratitude Journal Cards by Dreaming on a Star

Read more…

Dreaming on a Star at the Markets!

Hi everyone. Dreaming on a Star has been at the markets!

So far I’ve done four markets – three at Strandhill People’s Market and one at the Sligo Flea Market in the Model Art Gallery.

I love interacting with customers. Hearing someone compliment your work or making someone smile is a special thing.  I love making that connection – it’s both a joy and a privilege.

Dreaming on a Star at Strandhill People's Market

Dreaming on a Star at Strandhill People’s Market

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Tigerprint Kids Character Design Competition

Hi everyone. I’ve entered the Tigerprint Kids Character Design Competition with a little character – she’s one of the Doodle Dolls.  She’s very girly, loves flowers, colour and pattern and when she grows up she wants to work as a fashion designer.

Doodle Doll by Dreaming on a Star

Doodle Doll by Dreaming on a Star

She came from a little doodle I did a while ago.

Dolly Doodles by Dreaming on a Star

Dolly Doodles by Dreaming on a Star

I’d like to work more on these doodles and make some patterns and a collection. Watch this space! 

Happy Birthday Olive!

On 27, Apr 2014 | No Comments | In design, illustration, inspiration, love, my work | By Tina

Hi everyone. Today is my niece, Olive’s birthday! She’s 3 years old and I drew her a little illustration to celebrate her birthday. She’s a cutie pie, full of energy and mischief.

Happy Birthday Olive! Illustration by Dreaming on a Star

Happy Birthday Olive!

She’s a sparkle of sunshine in everybody’s life.

My family tell me how much she reminds them of me when I was little. So I’d like to wish my little kindred spirit a Happy Birthday.  Love my niece. 

Happy Tuesday!

On 22, Apr 2014 | No Comments | In illustration, my work, seasonal | By Tina

Hi everyone! Today I would like to wish you all a Happy Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday from Dreaming on a Star

Happy Tuesday from Dreaming on a Star

Tuesday gets a bad wrap – or it actually gets no wrap at all! It’s lost in the twilight zone of early/mid-week, not quite either/or.

We all know that Monday is the start of the week and many people complain about it. Wednesday is mid week (in fact in German, it is Mittwoch, which literally translates as that). Thursday is usually late open for some shops and some lucky people get paid on a Thursday. Everyone loves Fridays. Saturday and Sundays are the weekend of course. So unfortunately Tuesday gets looked over.

So today I would like to praise Tuesday! Here is some cool facts about Tuesday!

  • The name Tuesday derives from the Old English “Tiwesdæg” and literally means “Tiw’s Day”. Tiw or Týr in Norse is a God of war and law.
  • In Latin, Tuesday is dies Martis and means Day of Mars. In languages of Latin origin (French, Spanish, Italian, etc) it is also named after Mars, the God of War.
  • In Japanese and Korean, Tuesday translates as Fire Day (Mars, the planet is called Fire Star).
  • In the Indo-Aryan languages Pali and Sanskrit, as well as in Thailand, the name of the day is taken from Angaraka (‘one who is red in colour’) a style for Mangal, the god of war, and for Mars, the red planet.

So it looks like many cultures associated Tuesday with Mars, the planet and the ancient Roman God of War.
So Tuesday is a FIRE DAY! A day to get things done! If you have fire at the start of the week, it will give you the momentum to get through the week with gusto!

I hope you appreciate this forgotten day a bit more! Happy Tuesday – Happy Fire Day to you! 

March with Dreaming on a Star

Hi everyone. March has been a bit quiet at Dreaming on a Star. I had a horrible, stinky flu that lasted for two weeks, then I got a chest infection.

Dreaming on a Star - Go away stinky flu!

Thankfully I’m all better now and ready to face April with gusto! I had some happy news in March that I would like to share with you all. One of my illustrations will feature in this fab book about Dogs! Read more…

Have Gratitude for your Life!

Hi everyone. I’ve been reading lots of inspirational books lately and one thing that keeps cropping up, is cultivating a sense of gratitude in your life. Do you have gratitude in your life?

Dreaming on a Star - Begin each day with a grateful heart - Journal Cards

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40% Off Sale on Christmas & Hallowe’en Scrapbook

Hi everyone. I’m just letting you know that there is a 40% OFF SALE in my Etsy shop on all Christmas & Hallowe’en Scrapbook & Clip Art. Go grab yourself a Bargain! 

(Click on picture to go to shop)

40% OFF SALE on Christmas & Hallowe'en Scrapbook & Clip Art by Dreaming on a Star

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