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Animal Love Day – Unicorn!


Hi everyone. Apologies that there was no Animal Love Day last week. I was swamped with work for my upcoming shop. Anyway welcome back to another fabulous Animal Love Day, showcasing lovely animal pattern and illustration.

As you know I will firstly show you a new illustration/sketch/pattern from me and then a lovely showcase of fabulous designers.

The animals covered will include birds, fish, insects, extinct creatures and mythical creatures, and this week marks the first mythical creatureThe Unicorn!




I actually had a dream about a Unicorn last week! I dreamt a friend visited me and we went outside to my back garden. Of  course, in dreams things aren’t as they seem, and my back garden was different. There was a low wall and behind that was a woodland.

Well what happened only a Unicorn jumped over the wall just as I was about to look over it! Apparently it was my pet, because I told my friend just that!

The Unicorn wasn’t tall, like you see in films, but a tiny creature, smaller than a shetland pony. It was chestnut brown and scuttled about my garden, so I couldn’t catch up with it!

So I would like to say a magical welcome to this beautiful, mystical creature – The Unicorn!




I associate unicorns with rainbows and clouds probably because they’re mythical creatures. I am also influenced by My Little Pony from my youth. Read more…

Alice in Wonderland Book Illustration

On 23, Mar 2013 | No Comments | In books, fairytale, illustration | By Tina

Hi everyone. I’ve written a Tigerprint Youblog post about this Alice in Wonderland illustration I did in college a couple of years ago.

It was for a two page spread for a Children’s Fairytale Book. I chose Alice in Wonderland.

Alice & White Rabbit

Alice & White Rabbit

You can read all about it here. ♡

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