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Dreaming on a Star featured in Sligo Now Magazine

Hello everyone! Dreaming on a Star has been featured in the March issue of Sligo Now magazine. Would you like to have a look inside my home? You are welcome inside!

Dreaming on a Star in Sligo Now magazine

Dreaming on a Star in Sligo Now magazine

I had a lovely interview with Cliodhna McGowan where she asked me lots of questions about my design business and took photos of me in my home and studio.

If you want to find out more about the face behind Dreaming on a Star, have a look at the interview in the magazine (available in local newsagents).

Tina of Dreaming on a Star doodling in her living room

Tina of Dreaming on a Star doodling in her living room

I’ve included some photos of me at work (the one above wasn’t included in the magazine). This is a picture of me doodling with a nice cup of tea! Can you spot the Wonder Woman mug? That was a gift from my brother and sister-in-law. Some of the cushions on my couch are hand-made by me – they are very wonky, I hadn’t really got the hang of a sewing machine when I made them! The black-and-white picture on the wall (in white frame) is a really cool picture from Microcosm – it’s a sketch of different LP covers. I love collecting CDs, you can see some in the picture. I’ve been collecting since 1995 and really love album artwork. The other piece of artwork on the doors (top right of picture) is by my 5-year-old nephew. He’s so talented, I might hire him in future!  Oh yes I love twinkly lights – it’s like Christmas all year round!

Tina of Dreaming on a Star in her studio

Tina of Dreaming on a Star in her studio

This is a picture of my studio. I used to do all my work in a little corner of my living room but all my work started to spill over onto chairs and it became messy. So I moved everything up into a spare bedroom and I’m so glad I did. This room is south-facing and the light in here is so uplifting and conducive to work. I turned the bed on it’s side, covered it in wood and I have so much room now. I really love my black cat curtains from IKEA. I am very drawn to black cats for some reason. The little jukebox on the shelf is a printable from Claudine Hellmuth. I love her retro designs. Can you spot R2-D2 on the shelf too? I am a big mad Star Wars fan too. Oh look – more twinkly lights!

Dreaming on a Star's studio (all tidied up!)

Dreaming on a Star’s studio (all tidied up!)

This is my studio all lovely and tidy! (It looks a bit messier now! :p ) I love this room so much – it’s so light and airy. When I worked downstairs, it was very dark and cramped.
I have so much space now and I get to look out onto my back garden when I work. The spare bed is hidden away on the right. I actually started to doodle on the wood as there was too much white space. The light box was a gift from my sister-in-law. I have book shelves at the other end of this room, with all my design books.

I am in the middle of renovating my back yard and I also have plans for my bedroom. I might blog about them in the future.

I hope you liked having a small peek inside my home and finding out a little bit about me. Thank you for reading. 

Happy Christmas from Dreaming on a Star!

Hello everyone! December was an exceptionally busy one for Dreaming on a Star with 11 Christmas Markets!

But I managed to find some time to create an Advent doodle a day and here is the result. I challenged myself by using a limited palette and my influences were modern Scandi. I hope you like it!

Advent Calendar by Dreaming on a Star - Christmas 2016

Advent Calendar by Dreaming on a Star – Christmas 2016

I would like to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas full of love and joy and the best of well wishes for a fantastic New Year!

Let’s bring more smiles and happiness into 2017. May all your dreams come true…

In Love with the Sea

Hi everyone. I came across this beautiful Jules Verne quote only a few weeks ago and had to make my own version of it.
It really captures the powerful & spiritual hold the sea has over us. It’s hard to believe this quote is almost 150 years old. But it’s so relevant today to have a connection to nature in an increasingly disconnected world.

“The sea is everything. It covers seven tenths of the terrestrial globe. Its breath is pure and healthy. It is an immense desert, where man is never lonely, for he feels life stirring on all sides. The sea is only the embodiment of a supernatural and wonderful existence. It is nothing but love and emotion; it is the Living Infinite. ”

Jules Verne. Print by Dreaming on a Star

Jules Verne. Print by Dreaming on a Star

Dreaming on a Star has also designed these beach-inspired magnets.

Beach-inspired magnets by Dreaming on a Star

Beach-inspired magnets by Dreaming on a Star

I’m so lucky to live on the Wild Atlantic Way. I get to play in the sea and be continuously inspired by the beautiful, changing landscapes of the Irish Coast. 

Beach-inspired magnets by Dreaming on a Star

Beach-inspired magnets by Dreaming on a Star

[All products are available from Dreaming on a Star’s online Shop. Click the photos to go to products.]

NEW Dreaming on a Star Etsy Print Shop!

Hi everyone. Dreaming on a Star has a new Etsy Print Shop! I opened this shop last month and have been slowly adding items to it. I am delighted to say I have made 3 sales so far. This shop is a labour of love for me. I put my heart and soul into every piece I design for it.

Dreaming on a Star's Etsy Print Shop

Dreaming on a Star’s Etsy Print Shop

So far there are super cute magnets, pretty mirrors, quirky badges, inspirational wall art and lovely greeting cards. I plan on adding professionally printed notebooks soon.

Sea Fever - John Masefield - Art Print by Dreaming on a Star

Sea Fever – John Masefield – Art Print by Dreaming on a Star


Lovely Pocket Mirrors by Dreaming on a Star

Lovely Pocket Mirrors by Dreaming on a Star

I hope you like my Etsy Print Shop. Keep checking back as I will be adding lots of new items in the future!

EDIT – Dreaming on a Star also has her own Online Shop – Click here 

Greetings Cards

Hi everyone, I have been busy designing new Greeting Cards for all occasions – Birthday, New Baby, Wedding, Love, Thank You & Christmas.

Greeting Cards by Dreaming on a Star 2015

Greeting Cards by Dreaming on a Star 2015

I really enjoyed making these. I love designing typography and drawing quirky doodles. Read more…

A Spot of Comp Shopping!

On 12, Jul 2013 | No Comments | In design, designer, etsy, Hallmark, illustration, inspiration, shop | By Tina

Hi everyone. I’d like to share some Comp shopping I’ve been doing these past few months. Comp shopping is when you buy items from your competitors. (Although to be honest I don’t like to see them as competitors. They just work in the same field and there’s enough work for us all!)

These are some of the lovely treats I’ve bought!



This is a tiny folder containing sticky notes in different sizes. I adore the illustrations – so cute and bright. Read more…



No Comments

In crafts

By Tina

Etsy – What exactly is it?

On 22, Jun 2013 | No Comments | In crafts, designer, etsy, shop | By Tina

Hi everyone. Today I’d like to talk about Etsy – It has recently come to my attention that not everyone is familiar with Etsy, so I would like to give a brief description of it.

etsy-logo Read more…

Animal Love Day – Unicorn!


Hi everyone. Apologies that there was no Animal Love Day last week. I was swamped with work for my upcoming shop. Anyway welcome back to another fabulous Animal Love Day, showcasing lovely animal pattern and illustration.

As you know I will firstly show you a new illustration/sketch/pattern from me and then a lovely showcase of fabulous designers.

The animals covered will include birds, fish, insects, extinct creatures and mythical creatures, and this week marks the first mythical creatureThe Unicorn!




I actually had a dream about a Unicorn last week! I dreamt a friend visited me and we went outside to my back garden. Of  course, in dreams things aren’t as they seem, and my back garden was different. There was a low wall and behind that was a woodland.

Well what happened only a Unicorn jumped over the wall just as I was about to look over it! Apparently it was my pet, because I told my friend just that!

The Unicorn wasn’t tall, like you see in films, but a tiny creature, smaller than a shetland pony. It was chestnut brown and scuttled about my garden, so I couldn’t catch up with it!

So I would like to say a magical welcome to this beautiful, mystical creature – The Unicorn!




I associate unicorns with rainbows and clouds probably because they’re mythical creatures. I am also influenced by My Little Pony from my youth. Read more…

Animal Love Day – Butterfly

Dreaming on a Star - Animal Love Day

Hi everyone. Welcome to the 5th Animal Love Day. (Wow the weeks are flying!)  As you probably know by now it’s a weekly feature where I showcase some lovely animal pattern and illustration.

I pick a different animal each week and firstly do my own illustration and then I showcase some fantastic animal patterns and illustrations by other designers

The animals covered will include birds, fish, insects, extinct creatures and mythical creatures.

Today’s guest star is such a pretty little thing. An inspiration for centuries, there are 175,000 species (including moths) and the only continent they can’t be found is in Antarctica.

So I would like to welcome the beautiful butterfly!



Copyright Dreaming on a Star by Tina Devins

Copyright Dreaming on a Star by Tina Devins

I created this design for Dawn Clarkson’s Butterfly Showcase for World Lupus Day on May 10th. You can see a sneak preview of the other designs further down this post.

Read more…

Designer Showcase – Gill Eggleston of Pattern Addict

On 10, May 2013 | 5 Comments | In animals, designer, illustration, inspiration | By Tina

Pattern Addict's Design Garden

Hi everyone. Today I would like to introduce Gill Eggleston, the talented designer behind Pattern Addict.

Gill is an illustrator and surface pattern designer originally from Bolton. She studied Textile Design and Design Management at UMIST and lived in Manchester, UK for 20 years after university. This led to a fairly respectable career in industry until she moved to France in 2008.

Living in France brought about a change in direction and led her into working on a freelance basis. Read more…

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