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Week 2 – Lilla Rogers MATS Class – Home Decor

On 20, Oct 2013 | No Comments | In animals, colour, illustration, lilla rogers, MATS, my work, textiles | By Tina

Hi everyone. I’ve just finished Week 2 of Lilla Rogers MATS class. This week was Home Decor and the subject matter was Bromeliads. OK I’m going to be honest. I had never heard this word before. That wasn’t the problem – it was the sound of the word. Bromeliads. It made me go ‘yuck’! Strange reaction. I love words, some are just fantastic. Cinnamon, licorice – I love these words – they sound musical to me. But everytime I heard the word Bromeliad, it made my skin crawl!

Dreaming on a Star - Home Decor - MATS

Dreaming on a Star – Home Decor – MATS

Another thing that made me procrastinate this week was the subject. You will think I’m even more strange. I love flowers, love growing them, smelling them, love their names 😉 but I don’t really draw them.
I think I get frustrated with myself. I get overwhelmed with all the beautiful watercolours. People have been drawing flowers for centuries. I think of all the botanical notebooks and the fine drawings. I prefer to draw them from my head as little doodles. I don’t enjoy drawing them from life. Read more…

Dreaming on a Star’s New Logo!

On 04, May 2013 | 6 Comments | In colour, design, inspiration, my work, pantone | By Tina

Hi everyone. I thought it was time to update Dreaming on a Star‘s logo. I wanted to inject some life into my old logo and my inspiration was ice cream!  I imagined a palette of raspberry, banana and mint ice cream!

Inspiration for Dreaming on a Star's new logo Read more…

Fall Pantone Colour Report 2013

On 07, Feb 2013 | No Comments | In colour, inspiration, pantone, trends | By Tina

Hi everyone. The Fall Pantone Colour Report for 2013 has been released and I am excited by these beautiful colours.

Fall Colours 2013

Fall Colours 2013

I quickly combined some of the colours to test them. Of course there are loads of combinations and I’m excited to be working with these. What’s your favourite colour? 

Colour combinations

Colour combinations


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