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Illustrating Words

Hi everyone. Dreaming on a Star has been illustrating lots of words! Song lyrics, lines from poems, phrases, etc. I’m a big fan of¬†song lyrics and poetry. My favourite subject in school was English, so I’ve always had a love for the written word. And I adore typography, so it’s something I enjoy doing.

Illustration by Dreaming on a Star. Words by Emily Dickinson

Illustration by Dreaming on a Star, 2015. Words by Emily Dickinson

Song lyrics are a personal thing.¬†For me, a particular line/phrase seems to burst out of a song and into¬†my brain. I become obsessed with it. The words themselves are musical even without the melody. That’s how I see poetry – like song lyrics without melody, or maybe it should be the other way around – Song lyrics are poetry set to music!

Anyway, the above illustration is a quote from poet Emily Dickinson – “Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul.” The concept of Hope is such a beautiful thing, especially if you’re going through a difficult time. The metaphor of the bird captures these¬†aspirational qualities perfectly. That’s why I drew the word ‘Hope’ in a joyful way and gave it precedence on the page. (Just for fun I gave the birdie a name – Jeremiah Flaphinch!)

Illustration by Dreaming on a Star. Words by Van Morrison

Illustration by Dreaming on a Star, 2015. Words by Van Morrison

The above illustration happened after spending time in the sea and overdosing on Van Morrison! This is a line that jumped out at me from the song “Into the Mystic” – ‘Smell the sea and feel the sky, let your soul and spirit fly!’ How it captures the freedom and healing qualities of nature!

I love doodling and somehow these abstract doodles seemed to take on more familiar things – the white doodles look like exotic fishes and the top purple doodle looks like a surfboard! Maybe my subconscious mind is actually less abstract than I think!

Illustration by Dreaming on a Star. Words by The Beatles

Illustration by Dreaming on a Star, 2014. Words by The Beatles

I am a big fan of The Beatles and I¬†own¬†most of their back catalogue, but it’s funny how you might miss things. Although when it comes to song lyrics, I think particular lines might resonate with you more depending on your ¬†circumstances or it could be you weren’t¬†paying attention.

Anyway I was watching the TV show Mad Men, when ‘Tomorrow Never Knows‘ played at the closing¬†credits. For such an iconic song, I’m surprised I missed this amazing line – ‘Listen to the Colour of Your Dreams’.¬†¬†I love how it captures the trippy experience¬†where your senses get mixed up! Also since my business is called Dreaming on a Star, I love anything related to dreams!
Thank you for reading ♡

Beatles lllustrations by Dreaming on a Star

On 12, Sep 2013 | No Comments | In Beatles, etsy, illustration, inspiration, love, my work | By Tina

Hi everyone. A few weeks ago I went to International¬†Beatles Week in Liverpool. It’s a week long celebration of all things Beatles. There’s loads of tribute bands, films, documentaries, shows and a memorabilia fair. It’s quite literally Beatles heaven if you’re a fan of the Fab Four!

Beatles Illustration by Dreaming on a Star

Beatles Illustration

I’ve always been a fan of the Beatles but it’s only in the last 10 years or so that I’ve become a bigger fan. Their body of work never ceases to amaze me – from their raucous, rock-n-roll beginnings to their unmistakable jangly, catchy pop, to their more experimental, psychedelia¬†and finally their thoughtful, more mature songs. Read more…

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