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Happy World Stationery Day!

Hi everyone.¬†It’s World Stationery Day! As a child I loved notebooks, matching pencils, little cute erasers. In the 1980s I had adorable ‘Bobby & Kate’ stationery from Tokyo, awesome rainbow & unicorn goodies too.

'Butterfly Lines' Stationery Set by Dreaming on a Star

‘Butterfly Lines’ Stationery Set by Dreaming on a Star

As an adult I visited Tokyo and it’s a magical, wonderland of cute & quirkiness & stationery heaven. Today I never thought I’d be designing my own stationery! It’s a dream come true! So little did I know back then that I was researching for my future job!

'Easter Bunnies' A5 Notebook by Dreaming on a Star

‘Easter Bunnies’ A5 Notebook by Dreaming on a Star

If you have been following my design career, you may recognise the above bunny print. I designed it a few years ago but I am very fond of it and turned it into a notebook.
It’s¬†professionally printed by a third-party printing company¬†and is printed on both sides in brilliant full colour with a smooth finish. I was so delighted to get these professionally printed and I¬†designed the little matching cards that can be used as bookmarks!

'Carousel Horses' A5 Notebook by Dreaming on a Star

‘Carousel Horses’ A5 Notebook by Dreaming on a Star

This pattern is also a few years old. I entered a design competition and came up with a Carousel Horse theme. Have a look here at how I came up with the idea. I made a repeating pattern of the design and¬†always liked the magical quality of it. People seem to like it too as it’s a best-seller for me.

If you would like to see more of Dreaming on a Star’s stationery Click Here. I hope you enjoy World Stationery Day and have lots of pretty things to write on!¬†‚ô°

Greetings Cards

Hi everyone, I have been busy designing new Greeting Cards for all occasions – Birthday, New Baby, Wedding, Love, Thank You & Christmas.

Greeting Cards by Dreaming on a Star 2015

Greeting Cards by Dreaming on a Star 2015

I really enjoyed making these. I love designing typography and drawing quirky doodles. Read more…

Dreaming on a Star’s New Baby Announcements!

Hi everyone. Sorry I haven’t posted in a long time. I’ve been busy at the markets. I’ve also been busy¬†making Personalised Baby Announcements.

Baby Announcement for a Girl by Dreaming on a Star

Baby Announcement for a Girl by Dreaming on a Star

It’s so wonderful to celebrate the arrival of a beautiful baby with a gift that can last forever. These Baby Announcements are popular with new parents, grandparents and as gifts for New Babies and Christenings.

Small Baby Announcements by Dreaming on a Star

Small Baby Announcements by Dreaming on a Star

The Baby Announcement prints come in¬†two sizes –¬†8.5 x 10.5 inch and 5 x 7 inch and come framed in a beautiful, heavy, white frame.


Baby Announcement for a Boy by Dreaming on a Star

Baby Announcement for a Boy by Dreaming on a Star

I plan on adding new designs and also more personalised prints for Weddings and other Occasions. Watch this space!

If you would like to order a Personalised Baby Announcement, Click here to go to Dreaming on a Star’s Online Shop¬†‚ô°

March with Dreaming on a Star

Hi everyone. March has been a bit quiet at Dreaming on a Star. I had a horrible, stinky flu that lasted for two weeks, then I got a chest infection.

Dreaming on a Star - Go away stinky flu!

Thankfully I’m all better now and ready to face April with gusto! I had some happy news in March that I would like to share with you all. One of my illustrations will feature in this fab book about Dogs! Read more…



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By Tina

Tribute to Spooky

On 02, Jan 2014 | No Comments | In animals, love | By Tina

Hi everyone. I apologise about not posting in a very long time. Unfortunately I had some bad news that I found it hard to write about.

My beloved pet Spooky got sick in November. She spent many weeks going to the vet, getting injections and being nursed but in December I had to make the painful decision that no pet-lover ever wants to make.

Spooky Bunny

Spooky Bunny

Spooky went to heaven on the 4th December. Read more…

Week 2 – Lilla Rogers MATS Class – Home Decor

On 20, Oct 2013 | No Comments | In animals, colour, illustration, lilla rogers, MATS, my work, textiles | By Tina

Hi everyone. I’ve just finished Week 2 of Lilla Rogers MATS class. This week was Home Decor and the subject matter¬†was Bromeliads. OK I’m going to be honest. I had never heard this word before. That wasn’t the problem – it was the sound of the word. Bromeliads.¬†It made me go ‘yuck’! Strange reaction. I love words, some are just fantastic. Cinnamon, licorice – I love these words – they sound musical to me.¬†But everytime I heard the word Bromeliad, it made my skin crawl!

Dreaming on a Star - Home Decor - MATS

Dreaming on a Star – Home Decor – MATS

Another thing that made me procrastinate this week was the subject. You will think I’m even more strange. I love flowers, love growing them, smelling them, love their names ūüėČ but I don’t really draw them.
I think I get frustrated with myself. I get overwhelmed with all the beautiful watercolours. People have been drawing flowers for centuries. I think of all the botanical notebooks and the fine drawings. I prefer to draw them from my head as little doodles. I don’t enjoy drawing them from life. Read more…

The Spooky Chronicles ‚Äď No. 2 ‚Äď Spooky’s Hobbies

On 16, Aug 2013 | No Comments | In animals, illustration, inspiration, my work | By Tina

Hi everyone. Welcome to No. 2 of The Spooky Chronicles – Spooky’s Hobbies, where I illustrate the funny habits and quirks of my pet bunny¬†Spooky. Have a look at No. 1 here.

The Spooky Chronicles No. 2 - Spooky's Hobbies

Read more…

The Spooky Chronicles – No. 1 – Funny Ears

On 31, Jul 2013 | No Comments | In animals, illustration, inspiration, my work | By Tina

Hi everyone. As you may know I have a bunny called Spooky. She’s small and cute and lives indoors. She’s half Netherland Dwarf and half Lionhead. Since having her, I’ve learned a great deal about bunnies and their funny, quirky habits.

The Spooky Chronicles No. 1 - Dreaming on a Star

I’m going to illustrate their funny ways in a series of illustrations. This is the first one. Bunnies and their funny ears!

I hope you like them! ♡

Animal Love Day – Unicorn!


Hi everyone. Apologies that there was no Animal Love Day last week. I was swamped with work for my upcoming shop. Anyway welcome back to another fabulous Animal Love Day, showcasing lovely animal pattern and illustration.

As you know I will firstly show you a new illustration/sketch/pattern from me and then a lovely showcase of fabulous designers.

The animals covered will include birds, fish, insects, extinct creatures and mythical creatures, and this week marks the first mythical creatureThe Unicorn!




I actually had a dream about a Unicorn last week! I dreamt a friend visited me and we went outside to my back garden. Of ¬†course, in dreams things aren’t as they seem, and my back garden was different. There was a low wall and behind that was a woodland.

Well what happened only a Unicorn jumped over the wall just as I was about to look over it! Apparently it was my pet, because I told my friend just that!

The Unicorn wasn’t tall, like you see in films, but a tiny creature, smaller than a shetland pony. It was chestnut brown and scuttled about my garden, so I couldn’t catch up with it!

So I would like to say a magical welcome to this beautiful, mystical creature – The Unicorn!




I associate unicorns with rainbows and clouds probably because they’re mythical creatures. I am also influenced by My Little Pony from my youth. Read more…



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By Tina

National Vegetarian Week – The Silkworm

On 23, May 2013 | No Comments | In animals, textiles | By Tina

Hi everyone. This week is National Vegetarian Week (20 – 26 May) and I’d like to highlight the plight of the humble silkworm.

Silk is such a beautiful, natural material but did you know that it is made with much cruelty?

Silkworm image Shutterstock

Silkworm image Shutterstock

Silk comes from the¬†mulberry silkworm¬†(bombyx mori¬†caterpillar). These creatures are reared in captivity and cannot exist in the wild because they are so dependent on humans. Read more…

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