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Back to the Drawing Board!

On 10, Mar 2013 | One Comment | In blog, design, inspiration, my work | By Tina

Hi everyone. I’ve gone back to the drawing board! As you may know, I’ve been having problems with my computer. These problems have been happening on and off and have stopped me from working on my designs and all the new products I had in mind. My usual way of working is to sketch out my designs and use the computer for adding colour and making patterns. I also use the computer for research, blogging and social media.

So I rely an awful lot on my computer and it feels wrong not to be using it!

But instead of moaning about it, I’ve decided to use this time to do some non-computery things!

Doodle Bugs

Doodle Bugs

Here is a list of what I am and will be doing:


Read back over the Art & Business of Surface Pattern Design course and redo some exercises

Use my camera to take pictures of natural patterns (I used to do this a lot, but it’s something that I’ve forgotten about)

Work on more papercuts. I started my design career doing lots of papercutting, but again this has taken a backseat

Actually make some of the crafty projects I’ve pinned on Pinterest, instead of collecting them!

Go through my issues of Mollie Makes and pick out some new projects to work on

♡ Tidy up my work area

♡ Sketch some more

Spend more time with my Bunny!


I’ll still be able to tweet and facebook and pin some lovely pins on my iTouch and if I borrow a laptop I can blog. But until I get my computer fixed/replaced I am going back to the drawing board!

What would you do if your computer was unwell?


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